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An abacus tool is one of the first counting devices invented. It is a wooden/plastic framed tool with beads used to inculcate place value concepts. It is a calculator used by manually sliding bids along rods. It is used for Arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Using visual imagery of an ABACUS, one can arrive at the answer in the same time as, or even faster than, is possible with a physical instrument. It helps kids visualize math and develop fast mental calculations.


  • Helps to visualize the math
  • Develops mental calculations
  • Lays a strong foundation that will stay with you for a lifetime
  • Can manipulate numbers easily
  • Can solve problems faster than a modern electric computer
  • Builds creativity
  • Saves valuable time in competitive exams
  • Removes maths phobia, resulting in high self confidence
  • Fun way and stress free way to do calculations
  • Increases accuracy of answers
  • Increases Concentration, Memorization, Observation, Speed
  • Reading, Listening and Visualization
  • Increases mental aptitude
  • ABACUS tool is used by both hands, hence it activates both parts of brain
  • Stand out in the crowd with your exceptional problem solving techniques