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1. A stronger and sharper brain
Since mathematics exercises the brain, practicing abacus and vedic maths will significantly increase the concentration and memory power of children. Mathematics builds the ability of lateral thinking. Abacus training includes hand eye co-ordination, which stimulates the right side of the brain.
2. Logical and fast thinking, greater visualisation power
Kids who start early with abacus and vedic maths training during the formative years, develop amazing skills in logic and understanding. They are able to comprehend the situations better and react to it positively.
3. Future ready child
During the training, the child is exposed to a number of new concepts, new techniques and
challenging problems. This completely removes any fear of learning new concepts and skills which will benefit the child in his/her future professional career
4. Cool and steady temperament with longer attention span
During the training, the child does many activities such as writing with left hand, mentally imagining concepts and listening to the teacher carefully. All these activities force the child’s brain into a meditative mode, which makes a cool and steady brain.
In the current world of so short attention span due to internet and other gadgets, your child will have a much larger attention span to understand the complex issues of the world.
5. Competitive attitude
Regular competition are held at various state, national and international level in which all the
students are made to participate. This removes the fear of competition in the children and
understand how to face competition successfully.
This triggers their success chances in their future competitive exams be it IIT JEE, NEET,
CAT, UPSC or GRE, etc
6. Confident personality
This will be visible within months. During the training, children are encouraged to speak up, interact with other students.
Your child will definitely stand out among other children with his/her confident personality. All these objectives are achieved in a very light, funny and tender caring atmosphere by teachers having more than 10 years of experience. In our humble opinion, there can be no other investments with such great returns !
Come and join our programme !